Not Yet Existent

The philosophy of the inexistence exists. It exists in the futures.

Technicians assess the causes of the Great Recession without recognizing that trickle-down economic theory failed to deliver the money supply needed to pay the rents. Notice, as Jean-Paul Galibert points out, we believe in the ontology of what does not exist.

According to technical authority (derived from the best-and-the-brightest, recruited largely from the Ivy League) we “stupidly” managed risk to derive in a catastrophic proportion. (They argue Hobbes’ theory of selfish accumulation of self-retributive risk that demands absolute authority to protect us from ourselves.) Being TBTF is not the problem. It is the solution as long as being “too big” is allowed to fail.

Catastrophic risk is an expected value. It yields what we ask for. We all get what we deserve when de-liberated with an orderly, resolution authority.

According to the leading technical analysis, everything that is wrong is what is right. Saying it could have been better if we just did “this or that” is counter-factual. What does not yet exist cannot be verified.

What we need to know is delivered to the futures, on time, on demand, contractually obligated, and never now.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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