Conservative Values

Incorporation of the State

Incorporation is an innovative state of being. In the history of organized utility–from tribalism to the nation state–it’s relatively new and continues to develop.

Development of the corporate state is an emergent value. Since risk accumulates when avoided, the relationship between the corporate and the conceptual value of the sovereign becomes more complex.

Naturally, we tend to rely on the sovereign power of government to control risk accumulated in colossal, economy-of-scale proportions, which is risk assumed to “make markets more efficient.” Without this indivisible dimension of public utility, in which everybody benefits, capitalism, for example, would not survive. With rising frequency, realizing one emergency after another in its quest to make markets more efficient, capitalism is too unstable, and the formula for controlling the accumulation of risk is what accumulates it.

Consolidation of industry and markets into an ever-larger corporate to shield a small number of people from the risk is but to organize for the utility of collectivism. If all that is required is to realign the objective purpose of the corporate, capitalists have “big” problems with controlling the probable risk, and ruling with an iron fist, as Hobbes points out, just brings the probability closer to the realization of objective reality despite psychopathic delusions of the self.

Transforming the corporate into a collectivist state would be the tragicomedy of a changing elite that Marx himself identified. Realizing that the risk is conserved in historical perspective it would be better to conserve the values of the American Revolution and ensure the empirical value of pluralism in priority. Marx was not lost to the prospect of a peaceful revolution. If it could happen, constitutionally endowed, he said, America would be a likely place to have power structured for the people.

Always trying to resist the emergent property we see in nature is but the picture of The Scream, but the best and the brightest don’t see the picture being painted.

Incorporated, the people are shielded…contained…depreciating, blinded by the incorporate image rather than appreciating the corporate reality of the self.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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