The Last Call

Doing options, which is an argument about the future, risk management intends to predict the future-forward price of assets. This is accomplished with “puts” and “calls.” These financial instruments are sold to buy assets under contract for future (forward) delivery.

I may not have legal title to your house but I can sell a contract that promises to deliver it forward, optioned in the future. To insure my “derived” interest in your house when the contract is called to account at the margin (t-T), I can buy credit-default swaps and bet your credit will swap for debt in the future delivered forward (T-t).

I am reasonably sure that “if” I use your savings account (value I created with your job) to buy credit-default swaps, and LBO industry and markets (so that your income if not your job is “downsized”), “then” you will default on your house payment. I can hedge the risk by determining your options (front running) in the futures on demand.

Yes, I have determined your fate using my property–your house, which you were renting from me in the form of a mortgage, on demand. Using my property, which I own in priority, as I see fit is my natural right. A natural right, you see, is an enduring, absolute value. It preoccupies space (your space) over time in priority and government shall make no law that limits my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So, you are unhappy that your fate is preoccupied with risk, and managing that risk is my occupation, but I am not liable because my body has been incorporated. Whatever I do cannot be contained (called to account) because what I naturally do (tending to my self) obtains in priority. I have the last call.

So you’re unhappy you’ve been put in your place by my call.

Well, it’s only natural, you see. The more indebted you are to me the better off you are. It gives value, purpose…existing on demand at my call.

You just don’t realize how good it can really be if we just let it be. No inflation. Full employment!

The closer we get to slavery the closer we get to full employment with no-wage inflation…so go out and get a job!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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