To Be Exact

Testifying before the Senate Budget Committee today, Janet Yellen was pressed to be more exact. What does it mean exactly to have a dual mandate? What is the ratio that indicates attainment?

Since the objective is not to reduce the probability of risk, but to contain it, how much risk can be contained occupying space over time {T-t/speed}, which is a ratio depending on speed.

To be exact, we ratiocinate. A ratio is technically objective, purely logical, truly representative, and its truth value is easily verifiable in the futures. If a ratio does not account for the expected outcome, either the ratio is measurably wrong or the cause-effect attribution is biased. Either way, the technicals serve to indicate probable errors that guide a more exact execution going forward, looking back.

Yellen says we are not experiencing a speedy recovery because of “slow household development,” which is a scathing indictment of Republican policies and programs. In other words, the trickle-down, Reaganomics hypothesis is, once again, disconfirmed, and going forward with the program is irrational…to be exact!

Being now, however, is always exactly for never.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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