Maximizing Yield with Limited Liability

Mainstream economics tells us that if liability is not limited, capital investment is sub-optimal. Trying to contain the risk, like we are doing now, by wanting to extend unemployment compensation and raising the minimum wage, for example, results in excess capital, like we have now.

Excess capital, like Ayn Rand says, will not go to work if it is not allowed to attain its “natural, objective identity” (which serves to describe an extortion racket with a brand of intellectual elegance). If we don’t allow it to be free like the wind blows (allowing AT&T to merge with DirecTV, or Comcast with Time-Warner…like we are doing now) on demand from the top down, then we can’t tell which way the wind is blowing and tack the ship from the shoals.

Without organized chaos, well, it’s just chaos, right? Without real identity…just blowing in the wind…we lack direction. There is no purpose. No definable limit. It’s just wide open–being and nothingness–until there is a definite, objective purpose that identifies the risk to be avoided, which naturally yields to a commonly divisible reward.

Ayn Rand describes the coercive value of consolidated capitalism as an identity we all naturally aspire to. If we don’t attain it, and then try to take it by force, using the collective power of government, for example, then we lose our “objective identity.”

The “takers,” as conservatives are apt to describe anyone needing public assistance to survive, are envious. Class envy then identifies who the needy are, not the condition of indivisibly tending to obtain what cannot be divisibly attained.

Struggling to obtain what cannot be attained is nihilistic–it’s a big zero…being and nothingness.

What happens when we aspire to conserve and perpetuate the risk to be avoided is self-annihilation, not a self-interest we all share in priority.

If, as Geithner suggests, the “makers” exist, unavoidably, to test the stress, and thus define the “takers,” then we are divisibly doomed to the creative-destruction of our own devices.

Are we really so indivisibly crazy or are we being led down the psycho path of least resistance, yielding to the delusions of an elite identity that forever tends to categorically confirm the value of its inexistence with intendency.

Despite the intention, consolidated capitalism is maximizing the yield with limited liability.

The more risk is networked to neutralize demand the more it in-tends to neutralize command.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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