Is Nothing Accidental?

It depends on intendency.

In a court of justice, the accused is liable for intending detriment. In a court of equity, the defendant can be held liable for the tendency of his actions despite the lack of intention.

In the realm of cosmology, some scientists say that something derives from nothing by accident–without intention. Given an infinite amount of time, something is bound to happen, and (like the Objectivist says) “it just happens.”

So, for example, a $241.2 billion cash pay out to large corporates in the second quarter of 2014, and with more expected to come, we are not expected to identify the source of that value being anything but non-existent if it had not been created. Thus, we have “the wealth creators.”

If we do not pay tribute (rent) to the wealth creators (in the form of regressive taxes and progressive subsidies) then the wealth of the nation will not be created.

Using the identity argument (fully pre-tending the risk proportion) we are expected to believe that GDP derives (production “just happens” to gross) from elite identity. Without proper attribution of the value we naturally lose the propriety of that identity. The consequences are (can be attributed to; derive from) a transgression of identity (integral value) and the debt, by natural imperative, will be paid.

To avoid the fully pre-tended risk proportion, we monetize the debt. Without it, measurably pretending to reduce the risk, the risk goes gamma and we discover (empirically measured) just exactly what it takes to make it, unpretended, integrally valued, on demand, fully accountable (intending) in real time in all the probable futures now.

In the real world of addjective reality, nothingness just happens to exist. Objectively occupying space, coincidentally created (inferred) by positive addjection, the value of nothing (distance) “exists” (it derives), inherited over time, quite by accident.

The distance between what we are and what we want to be is not really that far away at all. If we don’t let Objectivists define that space we can reduce the distance between objective reality and the unpretentious value of a natural identity.

(Articles on “proprietary risk,” “integral value,” and “addjective reality” can be found on the World Wide Web.)


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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