The Straw-Man Game

Time exists measure and resists nothing.

Fully reduced, apparently, over time, something miraculously appears from nothing. Essentially, this is an accounting problem, which reduces to a mathematical measurement. It is a math problem that has an existential extension, accounting for the missing (unknown) value that resists the value of nothing.

America’s economy is experiencing negative growth, for example, but it’s not worse than zero because there is a benefit associated with the detriment. The more negative it is the more positive the benefit yields by asset class, and much of that is banked in the “dark,” which “pools” the risk. If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist; but this is a math problem, right? It’s necessary to solve for the missing value.

Conservatives say “the problem” is solved by reducing labor costs to nothing, which is naturally resisted. Time exists measure and resists nothing, so it is necessary, over time, to get as close as possible with measures that appear to support demand and relieve suffering at the existential level of subsistence.

Accounting for quantum value tends to a qualitative reduction. It reduces to qualitative measures like “the pursuit of happiness” or “separation of powers.” It is an addjective reality with a measurable existence (a fractal, geometric configuration) occupying space over time.

A con artist wants to structure detriment to yield reward. Once the structure is established it is easy to say that the detriment and distribution of reward is an unintended, natural occurrence. It just happens like a natural law with integral and derivative (objective) identities.

For example, GDP for Q1 in 2014 has been revised down to negative 2.9%, and Q2 estimates are coming in at -3%. Since, at the same time, equity values are moving up to record levels, naturally there is a tendency for Wall Street analysts to figure the fortunes of Main Street are not connected in an integral way. The objective reality, they say, is that the fortunes of Main Street derive from the fortunes of Wall Street.

Is it a coincidence that Barclay’s PLC has been indicted by NYC’s AG for dark pooling? Look for Objectivist arguments in its defense, setting up the argument for the AG to knock it down; and Barclay’s survives, under new management, to pool the risk that generates derivative value (put-to-call) on demand in the shadows.

“PLC” (a Public Limited Company) is a legal identity that limits the liability to the amount paid for shares, which must be sold to the public in the light of day. NYC’s AG alleges Barklay’s PLC profits from fraudulent practices, however, which is a criminal liability, but as we have seen, that doesn’t seem to matter much. As long as “the company” has the “SIFI” identity it is fit to survive no matter what it does, having a “public” identity that is unelected but naturally selected.

Since the risk reoccurs with a structural identity, it can be argued that it has a “natural identity,” which sets up an argument that attorneys generally exist to knock down, achieving the unavoidable void of missing, measurable value.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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