Controlling for the Angst

To control is to measure, and to measure is to predict–determine.

To control something is to measure existence with determination over time, which occupies space. Limiting space occupies the time in which to determine, limiting the probability of the occupation.

Since risk never reduces, it always exists, we try to reduce the probability of its occurrence over time and space. Paradoxically, the best way to reduce its occupation (determination) is to spread it out.

Spreading the risk, as any actuary knows (a capitalist, for example, working hard to organize it by occupying your space and mine, which controls our probable demands), reduces (controls for) the probability of its nuisance value. Getting what you want, when you want it on command measures the level of control (demand reduction), but it also accumulates debt, which surpluses the value of the risk. To control the surplus value (the nuisance, which gains a commonly divisible, gamma-risk proportion, existing on demand, which never really reduces) we attribute the value to give it identity. We say, for example, people who live on welfare are “takers,” and people who surplus value (add supply) are “makers.” We then “addject” values that “describe” these identities with causal attributes. We say, for example, welfare causes unemployment, thus, reducing welfare will cause employment, when, actually, the opposite is true. It is an error of fundamental attribution, which is a psychological disorder.

Demand always (ALWAYS!) causes employment. (It exists in priority!) Give people money and they will demand goods and services that make them happy (and will peacefully employ them)–this is called, “the pursuit of happiness!” Give people the money they need to demand their existence and they “will” demand employing people, adding supply, rather than warring over it, to destroy (consume) its surplus (nuisance) value. It’s not just possible, it is entirely probable to have feasting instead of famine!

Art imitates life.

Additive identity predicts life at the margin where space is preoccupied with self-determination–freedom!

It’s an “addjective reality” on demand, starting now.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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