The Hurt Alert

British authorities raised their terror-alert status.

International affairs wants to dominate the news cycle. Just as important, the “want” (the organized intent that “just kind of happens”) is not disconnected to domestic affairs.

Diplomacy centers on the probability–the risk–of unacceptable amounts of harm (hedonic calculus).

The President is really good at this game. In the case of ISIL, all he has to do is is push them into Assad. This is not a containment strategy, it is an annihilation strategy. Nihilists usually get “objective reality” (what they ask for) in due time.

On the other hand, Russia faces a containment strategy to deter unacceptable amounts of harm. Putin is gaming, but the President knows how to game, keeping “doctrine” (probable action) close to the vest and occasionally changing, or not acting on, expressed policy options, which keeps the counter-party guessing, increasing the probable risk of doing anything that adversely supports the opponents position.

All this is a distraction. Like with the war in Iraq, we have significant domestic, economic problems running in the background. Back then it was all the factors leading to the Great Recession. Now it is dealing with “the new normal” that defines a persistent deflationary trend that for 99.9% of us intends to do unacceptable amounts of harm we will just have to accept by default?

The President is not real good at macro-economic management. Keep in mind, instead of sanctioning big, financial interests intending to do a whole lot of harm, he is giving them the medal of freedom!

It’s the picture of The Scream!

Observe the organized psychopathy at work here, yielding to the hedonic calculus, intending, collectively, behaviorally conditioned in the aggregate, to divisibly advantage the harm to be avoided in the name of public utility.

Remember that President Obama has acted domestically to avoid unacceptable harm, acceding to the demands of big financial interests.

The hurt is on full alert! …

And, of course, bad things just have a way of happening, right?


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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