What “The Takers” Take

The “makers” make a lot of money don’t they! The question is, do they make it or take it?

So that the “takers” take more and consume the supply (so that demand meets supply, which is not, notice, “supply meets demand”), even notable conservatives (“makers”) say the minimum wage needs to be increased. Increasing the minimum requirement, however, is not to benefit the workers–increasing income equality to control costs on demand–but to support prices against declining marginal costs.

When there is not enough money in the hands of consumers to demand the supply, prices tend to fall, which yields to a declining rate of profit. This is called deflation. To support prices (the margin of profit), we can destroy the supply (we can bulldoze neighborhoods when we have an increasing number of homeless, for example) or consume it by redistributing income (having a MRSI payment, for example). Since reactionaries generally agree that redistribution of income is a crime against nature with criminal results (stealing from the makers to give to the takers), increasing the “minimum-required income” of workers to “stimulate” economic activity is a price-support measure existing on command, not a cost control measure that naturally resists rising prices on demand.

Yielding to an on-demand existence, we exist to resist on-command attributions that keep us bonded to authority in the name of “natural identity.” That’s what the American Revolution was all about!

“We The People” naturally exist to resist. We naturally resist perpetual servitude, which is now a status-confirmation mechanism (the servants and the served–the “makers” and the “takers”) perpetuated by “the service economy” existing at a “near-zero” rate of “marginal cost.”

Naturally, we resist the “service economy.” Created by means of mass consolidation (increasing inequality), the servitude economy replaces the abhorrent attributes of slavery, becoming more and more collectively common at near-zero marginal cost, gaining support (at a declining marginal rate of profit) by maximizing its probable inexistence (at a rising marginal rate of existence).

Time exists measure and resists nothing.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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