Common Collaboration

Resistance comes in the form of collective identity, which is exactly what capitalism wants to prevent but supports by means of its resistance.

Economists like Lawrence Summers say that the competitive-market model has lost its utility. Economist, Jeremy Rifkin agrees and says we now have a global, “collaborative commons” that gives cause to pause, yielding to an on-demand resistance.

Since pluralism (competitive multiplicity in the marketplace) works, operationalizing elite ambition (identity) with the demands of non-elite authority, it’s no surprise that economists have declared it dead. Don’t fall for that!

Capitalists are psychologically pathological and always argue that the only progress to be made is to continuously consolidate economic value to prevent labor shortages. When baby boomers retire there will be fewer servants to serve up the wealth. Even Wall Street executives will be subjected to the “zero marginal cost society”–serving up the wealth on command. Working for free as interns is a glimpse of a long-term fate, working part-time at Burger King and Tim Hortons for uncle Warren and company at less-than-subsistence wage against rising prices, computer generated and algorithmically conforming to Wall Street.

Existing perpetually part-time, at zero marginal cost, Generation X will exist to resist the consolidation of value it labored to engineer for the power elite, who by “natural identity”–by definition–are small in number. Having the power of numbers (pluralistic forces) that economists say is dead will be very much alive, yielding to resistance on demand in the gamma-risk dimension.

Consolidation of industry and markets yields to common collaboration, which is the chance to deconsolidate the risk and reverse the rents. It’s the opportunity to defeat an organized psychopathy that exists to resist “the big risk” in a “too-big-to-fail” proportion that is always sure to fail.

Deconsolidate the risk and the big risk of common collaboration (abuse of collective, indivisible power, like the social contract) discovers the pluralistic paradigm of common divisibility–the freedom (the power of finite identity) we all naturally have in common.

If we should declare anything dead, let it be the abusive power of the social contract existing indefinitely in the name of the “common collective.”

(Articles on “risk dimension” by griffithlighton can be found on the World Wide Web. For what led to the financial crash in 2008, see “Simulation of a Hoax.”)


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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