Operationalizing the Public Good

The Service Economy

You know the old saying: “You can’t please everybody.” Oh, but you can!

Utilizing free-market mechanics, which naturally desists the social contract, is the verifiable means of pleasing everybody on demand.

Instead of being operationalized to serve somebody, the economy can operate to serve each other, serving everybody at the same time. Ensuring free and unconsolidated multiplicity of the marketplace is THE verifiable means to the definite article of that end. Capitalists, however, abhor the the prospect of serving and not being exclusively served because, they say, it diminishes productive incentive and the quality of life that naturally trickles down. What do you say we test that hypothesis starting NOW!

If, for example, you don’t like to be around people that swoozle but swazzle, you go to where the swazzlers are. If you think swoozlers are a public menace because you like to swazzle, swoozling is not the menace. You are! Making swoozling and swazzling a nihilistic, zero-sum hypothesis to be tested is counterproductive.

To keep the value from becoming retributive, let the market decide. If swoozling kills the consumer, it dies a natural death and swazzlers are happy not to have swoozling around anymore, never having been denied the pleasure of swoozling or swazzling on demand.

It does not serve well to maximize retributive value. Instead, maximizing freedom serves to minimize the retributive value by tolerating each other, determined by the visible (verifiable) hand (fully culpable with the risk of loss fully assumed in priority), freely legitimate, in the open marketplace.

When capitalists pollute the environment, existing a global, common detriment, destroying the means of production is obviously counter-productive. What IS productive, ensuring a progressively higher quality of life for everyone, is to operationalize the detriment into a competitive reduction by maximizing the risk of financial loss, “executed” by means of a free and unconsolidated marketplace.

Allowing for continuous consolidation, to efficiently maximize profits and accumulate the risk-detriments associated with it, is globally self-retributive. It is a problem that demands a collaborative, common solution that the free market can and will provide without destroying the common divisibility that both keeps the peace and promotes prosperity at the same time.

Time exists measure and resists nothing…and the time is always NOW on demand!

(For the addjective reality of “swoozling and swazzling,” see Ogden Nash.

Nash was often condemned for making words up, but everybody knew what they meant. A person can learn a lot from non-comformity–what the existentialist, Galibert calls “l’inexistence.”

Who wants to buy a book with made-up words in it, anyway? Who could possibly understand it, except the sublimely tolerant.)


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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