Naturally-Selected Leadership

Functional Psychopathy by Natural Selection

CBS news published an article on Chaney’s invitation to speak at the Bar Association’s annual meeting. A gentleman commented that Chaney is “a psychopathic war criminal.”

While “some members” of the Bar said he was a bad choice, his selection is, nevertheless, only natural.

“Psychopathic war” is an interesting attribution.

Consider that American Revolutionaries were not much interested in the dishonor of deceasing Aristocratic leaders on the battlefield. For the Revolutionaries, the psychopathy of non-conformity was essentially a form of natural selection, what counter-terrorism today refers to as decapitating the head of the beast.

Again, keep in mind the level of intolerance here. King George was not going to tolerate any challenge to his “natural identity” anymore than ISIL is going to tolerate any deviation from “the true identity of Islam.”

Take a look at Thomas Jefferson’s writings on religious tolerance, which was naturally selected to be the positive law of an inviolable, constitutional authority.

Although Jefferson considered Christian orthodoxies to be a lot of pathological foolishness that leads to violent disagreement over whose methods naturally select the righteous among us, the natural solution he selected was a plenary-and-complete legal tolerance that “exists” the measure of time.

There are a lot of Christians that claim to have a Jeffersonian identity, isn’t there?

Despite that Jefferson thought Christians to be pathologically prone to warring tribalism, the pathologues naturally select his philosophy of risk to survive, don’t they!


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