Rendezvous with the Rebels

Overtly Covert

We’re pretty worn out with warring tribes that in a modern, global environment, are but international gangsters driven by a winner-takes-all stake in the outcome.

Arming Syrian rebels tends to mitigate the risk of arming the enemy. ISIL and Assad have resistance on all sides. (It’s a squeeze play.) If we want to minimize the tiresome task of neutralizing the gangster mentality, operationalized across international borders, this overtly covert tactic is the path of least resistance that optimizes a favorable, probable outcome.

We have to change the incentives.

Defeating competing Islamic identities is improbable but reducing the probable reward (the-winner-takes-all mentality) is an attainable objective by accelerating the probable risk.

The instability of intolerance is a lesson learned over time. You know the old saying, “I met the enemy and the enemy is me!”

Tolerance is a measure that exists over time, and time resists nothing.

Accelerating the risk-to-reward is a timing function. Wall-Street engineers do it all the time utilizing overtly covert means. It is possible to utilize these techniques to control the probable risk in other domains, aligning the incentives so that “the winner takes all” is not a zero-sum optimality but the zero-sum game of a common divisibility on demand.

When we demand the supply, we can make it so that tolerance is never short but the surplus to be supplied.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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