Banking with a Happy Face

My! That sounds extra nice, doesn’t it? Downright benevolent isn’t it!…brought to you by the “makers” of an economy-of-scale efficiency and distributed by “building out” the detriment that forces you through the doors that greet you with a happy face.

Isn’t that nice.

Happy-face banking goes so well with news of a 4.6% annual growth rate for the quarter and jobs being added in August. However, as Robert Reich points out, median income continues to decline, which is, really, an unhappy face.

We have (like I said) a predictable up-tick with significant headwinds. Republicans are sure to blame the president, and rightly so. The president has done little to resist the conservative policy program that, for most Americans, will continue to produce a frowny face, and a predictable pattern of low approval ratings (but always at the lowest prices).

Unfortunately, the president has been all too willing to employ people willing to wreck the economy to fix it. President Clinton was also captivated by the Ivy League, and Glass-Steagill is still repealed.

Banking and finance is just the Walmart happy face isn’t it!

Banking at Walmart is tragically comedic. It’s characteristic of what “economic growth” now measures–income growth at the top, at everyone else’s expense.

(No credit? No problem! We’l be glad to get you in hoc with an affordable, happy-face finance charge at zero-marginal-cost! Now, doesn’t that sound nice?)

Keep in mind we are being held hostage to a TBTF, economy-of-scale proportion that Walmart, for example, so well represents as the problem in the form of the solution.

This is what the economy-of-scale efficiency model looks like…demand is so consolidated that making demands at all is reduced to the benevolence of the malefactors!

If median income keeps declining at the going, 20-year rate, most people will not have enough income to subsist. Slavery starts to look like the better alternative to capitalism.

Huh! What! How did that happen?… Awww, but don’t worry, be happy.

(Looks like a work of art–a predictable pattern of existence–to me!)


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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