Maximizing Utility

Maximizing utility is what makes us all happy.

Walmart uses the happy-face because it is a work of art that imitates life. The customer is always right, which confirms the utility of adding supply when nature otherwise deprives. Go into a Super Center and see the maximum utility. Seeing is believing. Where’s the deprivation?

Why would anyone want to resist such a successful pattern of existence, yielding to the happy face.

Critique of the art form that supplies the demand is what capitalists say is the risk to be avoided–the welfare state. Government is subsidizing demand because, as Rifkin observes, we live in a “zero-marginal-cost society.”

Without the welfare state, capitalism realizes the risk capitalists engineer to be avoided.

Ask any scientist…engineering the risk to be avoided is nuts! What’s the incentive here?

Are we really doomed to a dysfunctional psychopathy capitalists describe as the final stage of human development?

Back tested, relying on technological advance to perpetually pull us forward while denying the existence of any moral measure is the picture of The Scream, not the happy face!

Is the angst of constant-risk avoidance really the utility (the contractual obligation) of a natural existence?

What’s the logical pattern of resistance?

Passive? Aggressive? Or, maybe, passive-aggressive?

Look at the pro-testers in Hong Kong. The resistance is aggressively passive. When the deadline to “disperse” was reached, the protesters backed off. It’s not about confrontation but verification (pro-tested) on demand. Observe here a level of sophistication (defining the social contract on demand) that we can all learn from.

Relying on the value of self, without denying the common divisibility of the common collective, passive resistance aggressively maximizes utility.

It is “The Peoples Republic” after all.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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