Proper Attribution

When scientists say that hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, they are referring to DRU (the Descriptive Random Utility). Science does not say that water exists to support life, just that it does, with utility.

Conservatives use the objectivist formulation of the argument (DRU) to argue the propriety of the risk. Like hydrogen and oxygen atoms, labor and capital organize to form the means of production, but it is not proper, they argue, to attribute labor to the formation of the capital. No. Quite the contrary. Capitalists are “the job creators.” They create jobs (labor) with the capital.

Saying that capital derives from labor is an error of fundamental attribution. That’s like saying hydrogen and oxygen exist to form water, conservatives explain. It is not a proper attribution of natural utility–a natural identity that renders useful (but otherwise meaningless), objective, measurable value.

Naturally, accumulating a lot of hydrogen or oxygen is risky–explosive! To put out the fire, and manage the risk, we utilize water–liquidity.

Labor and capital combine with an on-demand utility. When too much labor accumulates to supply the capital, the accumulated liquidity is naturally used to put out the fire on demand. This natural process of boom and bust, conservatives contend, is our natural identity. It is the default condition. No matter what we do our fate is DRU. Like Dodd-Frank says, the risk is going to happen (it’s the law), fully assumed in priority.

With the risk fully assumed in priority, futility has natural utility. If that seems nihilistic (right out of Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good and Evil”) that’s because (accidental or not) it is.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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