Presumed Priority

Kings considered capitalism to presume too much. Hobbes, however, could see an on-demand existence in priority, emerging slowly, resisting the demands of royalty presumed to be the habit of assumed priority.

Now we presume an on-demand existence assumes the identity of the capital. It is an acquired attribute, properly described by the habitat of its natural existence, organized to manage the risk associated with its accumulation, hedging the fully assumed risk of loss in priority with both predictive and productive utility.

Instead of the unpredictable and unproductive delusions of the sovereign power, we now have the capital. Instead of the empty, arbitrary terms of the social contract, we now have the utility of objective, economic measures to establish controlling authority and the propriety of the risk.

We presume that capitalism is the natural habitat of a free, on-demand existence. Its organized management is presumed to be the habit of assumed priority, but maybe that presumes too much.

If capitalism derives from the natural right to acquire and own private property, and utilize it as a person sees fit, there cannot naturally be anything else so integrally valued with freedom and prosperity. Expecting anything else is delusional, dysfunctional, psychologically pathological.

Anything else is descriptively improper, isn’t it?


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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