Predictive Random Utility (PRU)

Yielding to the Description of Objective Reality

By no coincidence, reality is predictably random, aggressing a passive resistance.

If you want to boost a rocket to the space station you accept the descriptive, objective reality of an aggressing, passive resistance. It’s not rocket science to understand that failure is the default condition. The probable risk is a constant passive resistance that aggresses the possibility of it not existing now but always passively poised as the reality to be described in the future unavoided.

Rocket scientists launch a rocket expecting it to fail the probability of its destination (the risk of loss–the default condition–is fully assumed in priority). The risk of default is a passive reality (always being there, but passive), existing to resist what the engineer wants it to be. Scientists aggress the destiny (the objective identity) of the object by design, on demand, but when it fails, it is then the reality of a random probability that the designer knows will occur. It’s just a matter of time so that reality, by no coincidence, is predictably random, aggressing the self-determination of a passive resistance, existing with the propriety (the empirical quantum value) of an on-demand attribution.

The Predictive Random Utility (PRU) describes objective reality (DRU), existing THE LAW, naturally verified by the numbers.

(Keep in mind, what empirically empowers the numbers with “being” THE LAW is the propriety of a categorically imperative understanding–i.e., having the attributive priority of “objective identity.” The number “one” is understood NOW, and forever, for example, here and everywhere at the same time. “It”–this particular number, like every other number to infinity–is objectively empowered. It is categorically identifiable forever and ever. While “things” may change with random appearance, “the truth” is constant, presumed in priority to exist what is naturally right, or as Thomas Jefferson maintained, what is strictly constructed.)


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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