Legitimacy of Conforming Values

President Obama said he would reverse the policy program that led to the Great Recession, but here we are, six years later, facing another big credit spread with income declining against rising debt. What do the values conform to, exactly? What does the outcome confirm, empirically valued?

The outcome conforms to Wall Street’s values–accumulation of the capital. If, like Greenspan says, debt is being created because demand is being destroyed, what’s the attributive value that indicates the probable risk?

Notice that demand has not really diminished. It has gained a different dimension, referred to as being destroyed. The demand needed to pluralize the marketplace–like in a free market (creating full employment, low inflation, and less need for accumulating debt)–is in the form of debt, which effectively values the consolidation of risk.

Consolidation of the risk creates the gamma-risk dimension. Risk becomes more the object of politics than economics. If we want an economic solution to the problem then don’t create demand for a purely political solution. The accumulation of risk (creating the common utility of the monster) is what is wrong with it, but we are told that the free market (divisibly destroying the utility of the monster) is the problem, not the solution.

The method that conforms to a non-deflationary trend is not in operation. What we have now is the Republican Party’s program.

Reversing the current trend (falling income against rising debt for the greatest number of people–capitalist heaven) requires aggressively resisting the Republican program.

The resistance restores the natural, common divisibility of the risk. By resisting its consolidation, the risk can be passively activated on demand (deconsolidated to be used as YOU divisibly see fit, passively avoiding what you don’t want to be, and aggressing what you do, by default). Supporting Republicans doesn’t do that by default (utilizing a widening credit spread–aka derivatives, like the Credit Default Swap). Watch out! The deflation monster WILL come for you (creating it on demand).

The probability (either way) is at least 99% and rising (conforming on demand).


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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