The No Vote

Maybe you did not vote. Or maybe you voted negative. Either way, in the 2014 mid-term election, majority rule is a no vote. It’s a vote for the problem, not the solution. (Notice the organized, conservation of the value that conservatives argue naturally happens, which is confirmed by the law–the legitimate marginal utility–of large numbers on demand.) The on-demand legitimacy of consenting parties is organized to a conforming hypothesis by default.

Organized to induce the evidence on demand, like Ronald Reagan said, “Government is the problem, not the solution.”

Has Reagan’s hypothesis been confirmed or the means conformed? If the means conform to the ends in priority, then the value is validated on command (like communists and fascists do), not verified on demand (operating with THE LAW, like science does in a free market of ideas, confirmed by the numbers in priority).

Intuitively, freedom is something created on demand, not authored on command as “a work for hire.”

McConnell’s Senate majority is going to send the president tax, spending, and financial reform bills that do not conform to the best interest of 99% of us. These bills will not be stand-alone measures but mixed in with things the president favors. Log-rolling public policy conforms the means to the ends–instead of forming “consensus” it is a means of extortion, authoring the fully assumed risk on command. It’s time to reject this anti-republican mode of governance!

It’s time to bust the two-party binome (the so-called “natural” political-economic “monopoly”) that delivers the “no vote” of an organized psychopathy.

The time is now to resist the anti-republican binome deliberately designed to avoid THE RULE OF LAW in proper form existing in priority (verified to conform to the consent of the governed), naturally created (monopolized and selected) on demand.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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