Not by Fiat!

Following the 2014, midterm election cycle, Republican “strategists” are saying that the president’s executive-order strategy is rule by fiat; but no, it’s not!

The U.S. Constitution provides for separation of powers, which creates a dynamic model. It is not a static model with an absolute monarch, having absolute power, acting unnaturally (“unilaterally,” without the consent of the governed) or by fiat (creating it on command). Instead, we have a dynamic model that intends to administer the consent of the governed (created on demand). The key term here is “ad”-minister, meaning that something (demand) is added, but conservatives are busy trying to annihilate its creation, thus the “gridlock.”

We are experiencing gridlock because conservatives don’t want to govern. They want to rule. Instead of ad-ministering the consent “of” the governed (which is what the bureaucracy intends to do), conservatives want consent applied. They want risk to be “properly” ministered “to” the governed.

This “proper” ministration of authority that authors risk from the top down is the Hamiltonian-Federalist model that Thomas Jefferson said corrupts the republican form of government. Since, however, power is pluralized (executive authority is bureaucratic and not monocratic), there is always the means to bust what Hamiltonians describe as the natural monopoly (the objective reality) of power, naturally ministered by a well-bred aristocracy on demand.

The on-demand dimension is not, in the Hamiltonian scheme of things, from the bottom up. The risk, inherent to a legitimate, on-demand existence, is applied from the top down. The talent, organizational expertise, and the psychopathic attributes necessary to minister power (the application of risk) is in-bred (self-contained). Naturally selected (measured by the accumulation of wealth, which yields the capacity to organize, and utilize, the risk–the externalities–by monopolizing it), the self-interest of the best and the brightest naturally yields to the benefit (“the general welfare”) of the greatest number of people. Being created on demand, this objective, natural utility of “the numbers” (the rule of law) unemotionally organizes the propriety (the objective, functional psychopathy) of the risk (PEA).

When “The People” (the great horde of surplus value–labor utilized to accumulate the capital–which by natural right, according to John Locke, means it really belongs to them) naturally elected President Obama, conservatives did not consider it to be a natural selection. Fearing that it would naturally distribute to whom it really belongs, conservatives have done everything to obstruct the popular vote (the rule of natural law). This means that the president’s execution of “orders” is NOT by fiat.

PEA, conservatives have ordered it up because (you see) it’s THE LAW!

Notice how the risk to be avoided (real ownership–the objective reality–of the surplus value) is created on demand.

Resistance is futile, so like Ayn Rand says, given objective reality, why are we fighting over it!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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