Meaningful Measures of Existence

The Standard Differential

People need health care, for example, but they also need the income to maintain a minimum standard.

At the current rate of income distribution (which is declining), without a subsidy (a price support to host the demand) people are likely to get less health care over time. Without the host (the support) the price will deflate, meaning that the resistance is so high that there is NO DEMAND at any price!

(Notice the demand reduction and the tendency then to host the risk on command, demanding the resistance.)

Remember that deflation is not disinflation. There is a meaningful difference.

Deflation occurs due to a lack of income to demand the price–there is no demand. Disinflation occurs because the price is too high, which means in order to do business, the price MUST meet demand–effectively controlling (coercing) the price ON DEMAND with condign consent.

We have to question whether the ACA is applied to support access to health care or support the price.

Capitalism utilizes differential pricing not only to increase the marginal profit but to differentiate elite and non-elite status. Being able to afford health care is a form of status confirmation. If the state hosts the demand, it loses the value of meaningful differentiation.

If demanding health care is something we all need (naturally existing with relative inelasticity, which commands an unaffordable price for most people), then it has the value of a public utility hosted by the state.

Who is hosting the demand means everything. It measurably defines what “objective reality” is expected to be without resistance.

For conservatives, yielding to the objective reality of a Minimum Standard Existence confirms the law of large numbers. If we expect inelasticity (demand) to host the standard measure of a conforming attribution then, maybe, a MRSI payment is in order, too.

A Minimum Required Stimulus Income payment would host the demand from the bottom up.

A MRSI payment would be anti-deflationary. Instead of monetizing the debt (adding debt to the debt to pay the debt–which is insanity!), a MRSI payment supports demand with increasingly less debt. It is exactly what capitalists don’t want because it reduces unemployment and disinflates the economy on demand.

Building-out consensus from the bottom up (pluralizing the risk by means of deconsolidation) naturally resists the Iron Law with a Pluralizing Executive Authority (PEA).

PEA naturally yields to a rising Minimum Standard of Existence (MSE). The benefit is universally hosted, existing for everyone to enjoy, existing the measure of an additive identity pursued to naturally resist the value of mediocrity (just like capitalists say an on-demand existence should). Actuary on demand, the hosting authority is me and you “actually” making demands (being “the makers”–the writers that shorthand the risk, and actuate it, to give it meaningful motivation with only the most passive resistance).

Rather than self-determination being the object of indefinite terms that conform to a social contract, “We” are freely determined to be what we want to be, when we want to be it on terms that confirm the existence without demanding the resistance.

It is possible to yield a positive standard deviance from the mean, yielding TO an additive identity that exists measure and resists nothing.


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