Commanding the Host

Trying to command the host demands maximum resistance. It just happens. Resistance is futile.

With income declining for most Americans, consumers have diminished capacity to demand health care, for example, so the support exists on command.

While deflation results in default (insufficient income to pay) disinflation results in lower prices (increasing income to pay).

Disinflation occurs when consumers demand the price come down in order to do business, which is not possible if support exists on command just like capitalists want it to be!

Deflation occurs because consumers can’t do business. It’s a function of insufficient income.

Having been consolidated at the top, the income needed to demand the supply (which means the price does not have to be demanded up, but can also be demanded down, or disinflated) yields to the profit margin. Demand then (you see) hosts (determines) the margin of profit, yielding to the measure of success.

Consolidation of income (demand deflation) is the big bugaboo of capitalism. Deflation (the big ugly monster) is “the big risk” that central bankers control for with inflationary measures that support the margin of profit. Without inflation, the result is a declining rate of profit, financial panic, and “blood in the streets”–hosting a full-blown crisis proportion that is the signal to buy “distressed assets” at deflated prices.

The deflation monster MUST BE resisted in a risk proportion so BIG it cannot be allowed to fail. To prevent failure (accumulating risk into the futures), debt is monetized to inflate prices on demand but, remember, demand is being deflated. The contradiction is no paradox and, to resolve the false paradox, all manner of technical device is employed to “fix it.”

Currently, for example, Senator Levin is hosting an investigation of Goldman Sachs. He says there is evidence that big in-vestors, like Goldman, manipulate commodities markets.

By fixing markets to inflate prices (what they call “making markets” to host the demand), big, TBTF banks yield the measure of success. The “makers” (the hosts) expand the profit margin, which instead of retributing the income needed to demand the supply, income is consolidated to deflate demand on command (derived) in late order (in the futures).

Demanding inflation on command is not a paradox. It is a contradiction, and to fix “the fix,” the Senate’s investigations committee is right on it, investigating it like they have been for the past six years.

What “did not” happen over the past six years to resist the incentive to inflate prices is the answer that hosts the question and demands the resistance.

Notice how the congressional committee system hosts the support that demands the resistance. Also notice that prosecution of criminal intent to fix markets is solely the discretion of executive action.

Without disinflation on demand, what standard do we have to demand the resistance?

What other means exists to resist support for the measure of inflation, utilized to command and control the big ugly monster as a function of the positive rule of law?


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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