The Deflationary Measure

If the margin of profit is the measure of success, then the ACA is a success.

Premium profits are being supported by the ACA. Without the ACA, the deflationary trend we are in otherwise results in a declining rate of profit.

For the Democratic Party (confirmed by the numbers), mandating the purchase of premiums against declining income was a big loser. After the 2014 midterms, the party is now consulting with its “gamers.” The party needs to come up with a “messaging strategy” that recovers from selling what people increasingly can’t afford to buy.

(Democrats say this critique is too cynical, but no, it actually measures what is wrong with it, confirmed by the numbers. A critique of practical reason results in a conforming confirmation rather than a confirmed validation from the top down.)

The first thing Democrats did when President Obama took office was increase taxes to fund health care, and the president signed it. This highly regressive sales-tax measure supported an emerging, deflationary trend. Then, after being hit with a higher tax burden–and remember that the higher tax has a deflationary effect on people that don’t pay the tax–people lost their jobs, and if you had a job you were working more for less due to unemployment. If that wasn’t enough, now the consumer is mandated to buy health-insurance premiums at a price being supported (hosted) by declining income.

The breaking news for Democratic Party strategists is that identifying their policy program as deflationary is not the problem!

Assessing the probable risk here is a function of understanding support and resistance.

If support exists on command (the mandate) there is less capacity to demand the resistance. Resistance then “just happens” by default. (Notice the attributes of Objectivist philosophy here supporting the hypothesis of naturally yielding to a differentiating MSE.) The declining rate of rising health-care costs is due to a policy program that supports a deflationary trend (demand deflation).

The mandate (you see) demands deflation. As the price gets support on command the less affordable it is for most people on demand, which forms an aggressive resistance (like losing BIG in mid-term elections). The “natural” result is a declining rate of profit, hosted on demand, naturally demanding the resistance.

The result of support to the point of an aggressing resistance is financial collapse.

Not being cynical, the ACA is headed for financial collapse. By default, this means the health-care sector consolidates to survive “the risk” (which is the environment capitalism induces to apply the risk–survival of the fittest–in the form of condign consent, actuated by the default mechanism).

Operating with demand deflation by default (the deflation measure) means that health-care workers will be working more for less. This means that most health-care consumers will pay premiums with a built-in actuary of probably dying before getting the care. As this psychopathy (the “natural monopoly”) builds-out, its dysfunction demands the resistance. The profit margin naturally retributes (yields) TO the care “actually” being demanded.

(Articles on “retributive value” by griffithlighton can be found on the World Wide Web.)


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