Deflating the Standard Measure

Income is the standard measure. Living in a capitalist society, measured by the numbers, the more income you have the more successful you are considered to be. Financially, the formula for this success is rising prices against falling costs.

De-Keynesians argue that support for rising prices is naturally resisted on demand. “All things remaining equal” (without adding to the money supply to pay debt), paying debt naturally deflates prices by reducing demand.

When the economy deflates, prices naturally correct to meet demand. By default, nature differentiates between winners and losers, effectively setting the standard for existence. It is an objective standard (an “objective reality”) empirically valued on demand. It determines, for example, whether you can afford to buy health care or not.

Instead of it being nature’s way of telling us something is wrong, deflation, de-Keynesians explain, directs the logical path of our existence. Resisting the host (nature) “causes” the problem to be solved, which is inflation.

Deflation is perfectly natural. It is THE problem solver, objectively standardizing what is an otherwise arbitrary standard of existence.

De-Keynesian economics is offered as the logical-positive solution to political problems. (Remember that Logical Positivism posits that an arbitrary existence is legitimately arbitrated by the numbers. Natural Law IS positive law.)

The problem with deflation is that it demands the resistance de-Keynesians say it naturally avoids. Deflation is considered to be an economic pathology because it causes so much political resistance.

Since deflation causes prices to fall because there is insufficient demand (no income to demand the price), the minimum standard (MSE) deflates, determining the demand (the minimum standard) for the resistance. Deflating the standard measure means that conditions worse than slavery can be considered the legitimate standard of existence–what differentiates “us” from “them.”

What is otherwise completely arbitrary is determined by nature (the host). The way things naturally are just is what it is: logical, positive, naturally determined (empirically valued) by The Host (the rule of law).

When the formula for success (the deflator) is successfully applied, capitalists know to expect maximum resistance. Having the example of FDR, they consider executive action to be a red flag, signaling the inflationary measures conservatives say causes our problems.

Inflation simply substitutes one problem for another. It is a game played by “strategists.”

Democrat and Republican strategists team up to control for the probable risk. It is a team sport organized to control for the pathology–deflation of the standard measure.

Understand that threatening to shut down the government to get what you want is blatantly seditious. Combined with a strategy to suppress the popular vote, it is patently anti-republican: a clear and present danger, intending to destroy The Commonwealth of nations.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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