The Re-formed Identity

To conserve the stakes, there is a reformed identity. Senator Warren, for example, objecting to Weiss as treasury secretary, is objecting to co-optation of the natural resistance reformed to add support in the form of resistance.

The president says “changing the status quo is the hardest thing to do,” and Senator Warren is saying, especially if you support its identity!

The conforming identity is plain to see, operating in the form of technical expertise.

Senator Warren is right!

Wall Street investment bankers, like Mr. Weiss, are masters of engineering late-order detriment–the “big risk” Geithner says always exists–always ready to deflate the economy if not resisted with the strength (the virtue) of technical expertise.

A lot of the conforming identity can be attributed to the mystique of “the secret knowledge.” What “it” is separates “us” from “them” and technically operates to be sure “the many” serve “the few”–making peons out of “the little people” (the people that pay the rent) with the appearance of an on-demand legitimacy that conforms (yields) to an unadjustable, imperative, “natural identity.”

The unadjustable “objective reality” of natural law is what rules no matter what. Trying to adjust for “it”–to be something else–is futile–dysfunctional.

Relying on the experts to solve our problems is only natural.

Who better to solve a problem than the people that create it?

(Sounds like a racket to me!)

Relying on people that create a problem to solve it is more likely to re-form it, to re-solve it, over and over again, and give it that expected, unadjustable appearance. In the case of financial reform, for example, we have a “resolution authority” existing to re-solve financial problems “that will happen again,” according to Dodd-Frank. (No. This is not being cynical. That is what Dodd and Frank said!!…defining a significant problem associated with a conforming, pathological identity that routinely makes the same mistakes over an over with the attribution of being an unavoidable, natural condition.)

No. Dodd-Frank explicitly does not intend to solve the financial problem it addresses. The best we can do is conform to the identity of the problem, resolving to support it in the form of resisting it.

Support in the form of resistance is to exist the problem on demand. It unambiguously identifies the problem as being self-induced, and thus an object of self-determination.

No. Opposing Mr. Weiss is not cynical. It simply identifies the right way to solve a problem by identifying a common practice that surely won’t.

A famous cynic, Diogenes, was sitting on the side of the road reading when a large shadow cast over him. It was Alexander the Great. When Alexander leaned down from his horse and asked, “Is there anything I can do for you old man?” Diogenes cynically replied, “Yes. You can get out of my light.”


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