Velocity of Change On Demand

Determining the Rate of Substitution

Velocity equals space over time. We can disconnect the values but the values are naturally connected. Multiplying velocity by the amount of space occupied exists the measure of time, with the expectation of a sum certain at maturity. This is what Wall Street engineers do on a daily basis, creating trends that confirm the conformity on demand. This formula for success is no secret. It conforms to all of us, commonly divisible, in daily life.

When you drive somewhere in your car, you expect to arrive at the destination depending on how fast you go (velocity). The faster you go the sooner you get there, but at higher risk. (No. You did not create the risk. The risk is always there. It exists in priority–it is the formula “velocity equals space over time.”) Your actions effectively “actuate” the risk.

By actuating the risk, there is culpability. So, for example, to exculpate the risk, when there are mass protests, the “act” of protesting is disconnected from what is really being demanded. (Remember, though, it is not “really” disconnected. There is an adjustment–a measurable difference–that needs to be made.) The protesters become the risk to be governed, presenting a clear and present danger.

Governing the immediate risk occupies the policy space. Governance conforms to the immediate identity of the risk with the force and legitimacy of public authority (the condign consent of the governed). To accelerate the velocity of real change it is necessary to aggress the passive resistance, speeding up the “actual risk” on demand without the immediate presence of danger.

Making the adjustment that actually addresses the real risk “in a meaningful way” (The Dream) is to organize the vote (the conforming identity) starting now.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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