Adjusting for the Expected Risk

Naturally, we all make adjustments based on the expected risk of loss. That means knowing what the risk is and measuring its time and pitch (the x and y variables on a chart), which exists a series of data points (weighted variables) over time. The expectation typically conforms to how long it takes to conform to the measurable value (confirmation) of the objective without risk of the default condition (non-conformity), effectively measuring the expected force of the resistance, which measures the amount of force needed to maintain the resistance by containing it over time.

The conforming identity identifies the probability of the risk until an adjustment is made to make it non-conforming on demand, which is a fully culpable “actuality” referred to as “nominal value.” The value can then be regressed to reveal, or dis-cover, “real value” like when inflation is deflated to measure real wages and salaries.

If we don’t have deflation, we are conditioned to expect inflation. Either way, the risk of loss is fully assumed in priority. The fix is in!

Since the risk of loss is fully assumed, capitalists say that “the big risk”–deflation–is the default condition. The expected value–what actually happens–is an act of nature. It is a natural law.

The reason bad things happen economically in a big way–deflating wages and salaries, merging and acquiring property by default–is because it is naturally endowed (yielding to the “natural monopoly”). Suing the gods (the monopoly of power–the king) for reparations, trying to prevent the inevitable, is just crazy, isn’t it? When capitalists talk about “natural identity,” a non-conforming identity is what they are talking about.

Since there is no way to adjust for natural law, because “it just happens,” we are condemned to be crazy and make the same mistakes over and over again, unadjusted, right?

Not conforming to the theory of the “natural monopoly” does not make you a communist. No, instead, it makes you a patriot, conforming to the American ideal. It is only natural to rebel against want-to-be kings. In fact, it is the law, expressly written into The Constitution, strictly constructed to reject a power elite that argues dis-utility as the object of natural law–i.e., the greatest good for the few, which is what we are doing now, but with some adjustment that expects the risk.

Existing unadjusted, what, then, is the real price expected to be paid on demand?


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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