Fixing What’s Broken

Conformity is knowing something with measurable identity. Something probably “just happens” if it is fixed, and if it can’t be fixed it must be broken.

Non-conformity must be broken, both providing and depriving what the object needs to conform; behavioralists call this “positive and negative reinforcement” or “operant conditioning.”

Conditioning the object (inducing the subject toward the objective) is an operation; a series of expected events that expects the conformation of behavior, confirmed by its measurable observation. (I have referred to capitalism as an organized psychopathy, and operant conditioning is what it refers to. Capitalism is operationalized with stable, routine tasks that fully expects behavioral conformation, inducing what is described as an inviolable, un-fixable, non-conforming, “objective reality.”) For capitalists, timing is everything. Time is money, and there is no better way to to hedge the fully expected risk of loss than to operantly condition things, fixed into a series of events that expects the risk and yields reward.

It is not only important to know that things are fixed, but to know how they are fixed to fix it. That’s why we rely on technical expertise to fix our problems, which is, in many respects, a non-conforming identity.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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