The Technical Objective

Measuring the Cause Without Purpose

Technical objectivists observe the way things actually behave and then regress causal attributions that really have no purpose. What actually happens has little meaning without knowing why they really happen, which gives knowing why predictive utility. Knowing why, however, does not mean there is a purpose. Existence is random, yet everything can be discovered to have an actual cause but, fully regressed, existing without any real purpose. Thus, there is measurable cause without purpose. Things just are what they are. “It just happens!” That’s life. Just accept it.

The cause-without-purpose philosophy is nihilism. Actual reality (fully converged) is fully regressed. Alternative realities are delusional, resulting in competing utilities, “acting” to cause a purpose that, in reality, does not ultimately exist.

When we observe two right-wing factions doing the nation’s political business, yielding to a policy program that in recent memory clearly produces a massive detriment, we know that reality has been fully regressed (gridlocked!), acting to reduce the probability of competing alternatives, measuring the resistance (the utility of the cause) existing in priority.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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