Measuring De-nominal Value

Regression analysis is a time series, back testing for reality.

Technicians have a reasonably good sense of the timing associated with using derivatives, for example, and what the effect will be. It is not gambling. It is an inflation adjuster–deflation.

Operating without the Volcker rule, derivatives de-nominalize the financial risk, suddenly. Since a “big risk” seemingly appears out of nowhere, hidden in dark markets, it looks like gambling, which is a significant error of attribution that organizes the psychopathy–pathologically making the same mistake over and over again, operationally mis-pricing the risk so that it is, by no accident, “too big to fail.”

Since such a big risk is TBTF, its proportion (its “risk dimension) goes gamma (it becomes more political than economic) over time. The pathology occupies all the space and organically kills the host, determined to realize the retributive value, without error of attribution, fully deflated.

Objective reality, fully regressed, existing in priority, is always denominally now.

Endeavoring to measure causes unknown only serves to quantify the value of unanimous consent, identifying what is real by describing what it is not without a purpose.

(Articles on “risk dimension” and “retributive value” by griffithlighton can be found on the World Wide Web.)


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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