At the Risk of Going Gamma

Risk is a mechanical process with a psychological component. Without the perception of it, there is cause without purpose. To be objective, and reduce errors of attribution, Wall Street technicians build models used in physics.

Being objective, it appears that nature has no moral component, but at the risk of going gamma.

Objective measures tend to mis-price the risk.

Technical objectivists ignore moral dimension as metaphysical. It is a missing value because technically it does not exist, and they are right.

Moral dimension is not metaphysical. Thinking that it is mis-prices the risk.

The Rule of Law

Our natural condition is the rule of law, and we measure it by the numbers. Being ruled (measured) by the numbers does not mean that morality is not a measurable quotient of intelligently knowing our natural condition. Quite the contrary!

Being ruled (judged) by the numbers, there appears to be cause without purpose. Technicians observe that objectively, over time, things naturally tend to the 200-day moving average, for example. Geometrically, we can then infer a 200-year moving average in which the values (like Hobbes said) “naturally” tend to the mean on demand. (See, for example, K-Wave theory.) There does not appear to be any exception to the rule. The farther the divergence, the more probable the convergence over time.

An on-demand existence typically has a moral dimension that suffers no delusion of objective reality, which is why the capitalist works harder than everybody else to destroy it with futility.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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