The Cause to Pause

Utilizing methods that yield to detriment gives us cause to pause. It is a demand existence, often measuring the wrong way to do it right. Instead of a meaningless ontology, IT IS a meaningful ontology.

There is no cause without purpose. Even when we try, science ends up describing the effective purpose of things. Do we explain things with the value (the additive identity) of purpose “because” that’s the easiest way to understand it, or is it because that’s the way it is…that’s life, just accept it. Fully reduced, the ontology reveals that purpose is defined by the cause, existing the measure that resists nothing over time.

Over time, pursuing the ontology, we discover the missing value “always being” added now.

When we tested atomic fission (with the capacity to do it deriving from the pursuit of causes unknown) for a destructive purpose, we experienced the empirical value (the ontology) of added identity. The power that yielded from the pursuit of the ontology (its useful value being driven and actualized by purpose) was so shockingly awesome that it “caused” a reassessment of the risk. It existed (yielded to) a new measure, essentially measuring the wrong way to do it right or perish at the peril of our own ignorance on demand.

Realizing the nominal value, the knowledge, of how to explode an atomic bomb realized “the risk.” It was so awesome (the value so additive) that it was identified as being the exception to the conservation of matter. It was the picture of “The Scream”–a work of art that imitates life. Are we pushing the limit with a purpose, or being technologically pulled into a determined ontology of cause that “just happens” without purpose?

Ontologically, there appears to be cause without purpose until we experience the empirical value on demand. Pursuing the cause without purpose, we end up knowing the infinite power of added identity over time instead of the irreducible nothingness expected to derive from it, discovering the wrong way to do it right, experienced on demand, giving us cause to pause and assess the real risk with the propriety (the ownership) of purpose.

Without pluralistic propriety of the risk, it is likely to be mis-priced and then actualized on demand, giving real cause to purpose.

What is the purpose of mis-pricing the risk?

If Wall Street has a big problem pricing risk, what is the utility of depending on it in a too-big-to-fail proportion, and even more absurd, being confirmed by legislative and executive authority to beat the clock!

Yes, indeed, timing is everything, and the time is now to pause, and lose the dependency, before the risk goes gamma and we realize the picture of The Scream!

By no means of abstraction, it is possible for life to imitate art, if we let it yield to the cause without purpose.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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