Sequential Events of a Logical Resistance

Remember when the Tea Party identity emerged. It was (like I wrote at the time) a counter-identity.

(Again, keep the factorial in mind. The square root of 2 in particular, which has a naturally inexact, ambiguous, but determined identity.)

To conserve the stakes, the party binome works very well. Change sequentially occurs, satisfying populist sentiment (ECV-symmetry), without actually changing the stakes. (The effect can be considered Pareto-optimal because nobody loses, which suggests stability.)

Since what Republicans want to do is inimical to the self-interest of just about everybody, its policy program has been imbeded within a counter identity. What we see now is the factorial of that identity.

Notice that an avowed Randian, Paul Ryan, is being pressed to become Speaker of the House.

(Factorially sequenced, is that really a coincidence?)

As soon as the real identity of the counterparty reveals itself over time (actualizing the factorial that, to the observer, looks random, but really isn’t), the popular vote naturally switches to the counter-identity because (logically sequenced) it is (in priority) a free-market determination, after all.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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