Progressing the Objective Identity

Technical analysts argue there is an objective identity that exists independent of what we perceive to be reality, which is what Aristotle said.

Since Aristotle perspicuously stated that there is a reality objectively independent of perception (metaphysically referring to the World of Ideas), he is considered to be the father of science.

Science, however, has disposed of Aristotelian logic. Science shifted from identifying causal attributes to measurable effectiveness since, like Newton said, science measures causes unknown.

This process is much like the factorial in sequence. It has a linear progression.

Let’s say we calculate Pi to its googol length -1. Since Pi has no repetitive pattern, really, its googol integer can be described as a random number, but we know, intuitively, it is irrational.

Empirically valued, occupying space over time, back tested, we actually know that the googol place of Pi -1 is not random, but maybe at the googol place it actually is. To really know we have to actually go back and test it. Without actually testing it, it is an article of faith, but not without reason.

Rationally we know that every square fits a circle and every circle fits a square, but factorially it’s not perfect.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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