Perennial Problem

Last night, candidate Clinton pointed out that capitalism perennially goes through a process of saving itself from itself, meaning that the system is self-destructive.

Intuitively, a self-destructive tendency is bad, but it is a prominent feature of capitalism, which brings its use into question. Clinton said letting it destroy itself destroys what drives small businesses, which is completely wrong!

Capitalism operates to defeat the free market (non-elite application of risk) by means of consolidation, but Mrs. Clinton did not say that because it defeats masquerading Objectivism (elite application of risk) as Progressivism. Instead, what we heard was the problem stated as the solution, which is what capitalists perennially do to perpetuate its organized pathology (with President Clinton’s legacy–repeal of Glass-Steagall–supporting that operational design).

There is no reason to believe people will not be entrepreneurially creative without capitalism. Instead, there is overwhelming evidence that capitalism deliberately operates to eliminate the competition that drives the free-market entrepreneurial spirit!

(Do we not keep hearing that reducing unemployment with low inflation is a function of increasing the number of small businesses? What, then, is the efficiency of consolidating industry and markets?)

Republican candidates, especially with an overwhelmingly disconfirmed policy platform, have little prospect of success in a general election.

If Wall Street wants to have an executive administration favorable to its agenda, they can’t rely on Republicans.

That’s alright, though.

Wall Street has Hillary Clinton, aptly applying the problem as the solution.


Support for Sanders and O’Malley logically resists what exists, paving the probable path for perennial, positive results ON DEMAND.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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