Mathematicians essentially know something by regressing the argument.

If you are Isaac Newton, for example, and you observe that things drop to the ground at the same rate no matter what their mass, you ask, what causes that? To know it, you create a way to measure what derives the objective reality.

Knowing the difference between integral and derivative values is a regressive model. It is a logical argument (a sequence) regressing back to what causes the objective reality (discovering that you are not really describing causal attributes but, actually, measuring a sequence of effects–events, which are a linear occupation of space over time that progresses, “yielding to” all the futures now).

In terms of intellectual capacity, knowing what things are is very different between the intellectual and, say, a hedonistic real-estate developer. The real-estate mogul is interested in validating his self-worth with material measures, which is pretty low on Piaget’s scale of mental development.

When capitalists try to spar with intellectuals (regressing the actual identity of socialism and communism, for example) they need to be sure they really know their stuff, progressing well beyond the incipient stages of mental development.

Keep in mind, for example, the term “capitalism”–which capitalists so proudly hail as the final stage of socio-economic development–was a term popularized by Karl Marx to describe and explain how it will finally destroy itself.

Capitalists aren’t really Marxists, are they?


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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