Conversion is against the law. It is considered to be a form of theft, but not if it is the result of the business cycle. To support this so-called natural cycle, there is every incentive to ensure the timing that forms the arbitrage argument (its logical sequence) yields to acquisition of property by adverse possession (which I refer to as the attribution yield).

Yielding to Adversion at the Margin

When we argue about political economy we end up talking about philosophy. The argument reduces to what we believe rather than what verifies to exist. Rather than acting, we tend to react (and Schumpeter said, for example, we then have an accumulation of errors that determine a critical mass, existing in a crisis proportion, which I refer to as the gamma-risk dimension). Instead of acting to change the causal attributes, we are always reacting to the effect, which results in an attribution yield, which has a philosophy of risk associated with it.

The yield occurs at the margin. It builds-out over time to occupy space, referred to as building economies of scale.

Building-out a company to achieve “scale” is to maximize the profit margin. This is an attainment value, which associates with a nuisance value, and a nuisance naturally creates the argument for being regulated with the force and legitimacy of public authority. The reason it “attains” nuisance value is because the build-out intends to defeat free market mechanics, so the demand (the ECV-symmetry, which is the risk that “obtains” in the marketplace without fail) has to go somewhere.

Again, remember, the risk is always there–it measurably obtains (passively organized to do the right thing) no matter what. Avoiding it measures what would have happened (aggressing) if you hadn’t, which does not necessarily mean that you won’t, which is what Mrs. Clinton said about capitalism being self-destructive (what I refer to as the retributive value).

There is a philosophical discussion over the attribution of the risk-value, essentially referring to the way it is organized to yield the reward, defining the logic of its resistance and the possession of its adversity.


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