Building-Out the Straw Man

Conversion is a business model. Main stream economists describe it as the business cycle.

In the first debate of the Democratic presidential primary, Mrs. Clinton said she went to Wall Street in ’07 and pleaded that they not foreclose on the public. The conversion model is what she was referring to.

Building up the economy to knock it down (the Straw Man argument) is a late-order sequence of events. The timing is what makes it have an ontological appearance but it is really a culpable, fully intended con-sequence.

Pleading for it not to happen identifies a public menace. There is no reason to maintain the conversion scheme except that capitalists argue “that’s just the way it is.”

“The way it is” ontology is the arbitrage argument used by capitalists on a daily basis to speculate (and deliberately determine) the direction of interest rates, which associates with “the swap.”

“The swap” is a derivative-timing device. It is deliberately designed to deflate the economy and the interest rate–just like we have now, with equity valuations moving higher against signs of a deflating (“no inflation”) economy.

Equity is swapped for debt, which is paid through austerity measures, effectively coerced through technical means, like not having a COLA adjustment for Medicare against exponentially rising health-care costs. Now (understand!), this is full-blown rigging the market–it is a racketeering, conversion scheme (and no one is a full-blown, paranoid, “maniac socialist/communist” for saying so).


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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