(Real-estate moguls have a lot of measurable things to define their self-worth, but it all falls at the same rate, having, finally, in sum, the value of common divisibility.)

Measuring the ECV-Symmetry

Reconciliation is an accounting function. It’s a zero-sum hypothesis.

Of course, we intuitively know that zero is the sum of nothing, but nothing does not exist. Factorially, it is always being sequentially resisted.

The accountant uses the zero sum to measure the accuracy of the account, just like the factorial sequence. (“Effectively,” the value is not zero because it is always “being”-resisted.) Regressing closer to the fact (the objective) of the sequence expresses the logic (the coercive value) of the argument. The closer you get to equivalence, the more coercive the argument, but the risk of being wrong (fully assumed–valued–in priority at 100%, not 0) is always the same (existing at the same rate for every argument), being naturally equal to the method used to verify hypotheses whether it is the objective or not.

(Like Hegel said, the objective may be a matter of choice, and a person chooses the means to that end, but that does not make the outcome any less determined. Realizing what the determination actually is, is a linear progression, occupying space over time, existing measure, resisting nothing.)

The means to ends is legitimate (naturally coercive) because (like Kant said) it is categorically imperative.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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