Isometric Projection

The Added Dimension of Objective Reality

The z-axis gives duality an added dimension. It not only adds the creative value of a third variable, either dependent on the x and y variables, or acting as an independent variable, but gives shape to geometric correlations described as objective reality.

Rhetoric has geometric shape, forming logical arguments that describe and explain what the objective really is.

It is important to understand the creative aspect of the added dimension. An artist uses the z-axis to suggest the work’s objective identity. The artist adds perspective to the work that exists beyond the two-dimensional plane–infinitely existing beyond the four corners in which the work actually exists, created on demand. (See, for example, Rollo May’s, “The Courage to Create.”)

When capitalists bring things to scale, there is a rhetoric created to correlate the intention with objective reality. Do capitalists actually intend to attain the efficiency of scale or does nature just make it happen?

An absurdist play, like Waiting for Godot, for example, plays with the z-axis. Ambiguity of the objective reality is what gives the work useful dimension. It gives perspective into what shapes what we think reality actually is.

Lo and behold, it’s an on-demand existence, after all!

Politically, we see the emergence of an independent, third-party element because, really, it’s a free market, after all!

What effectively correlates with an on-demand existence is self-determination, which efficiently scales the expected risk to a non-catastrophic dimension, creatively destroying what capitalism literally banks on.

The objective reality is a correlation capitalists do not intend to be made.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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