Projecting the Intendency

The objective of the analyst is to make projections. Since analyses are not exact (like calculating the actual identity-reference of Pi), the risk of being wrong reduces to a probability.

We “tend to” see analyses as probably wrong, “intending” the risk-hypothesis. Scientists call this the null hypothesis, which essentially derives from the concept of the thesis of independence in which, like Aristotle observed, reality exists independent of perception.

Phenomenology does not discount the thesis of independence. The phenomenologist sees the objective reality to be a realization progressing from its perception, which progressively improves, using the null-hypothesis, “yielding to” (or “intending”) more effective correlations over time. (Like when calculating the actual sum of the squares that exists the realization of Pi. It is an irrational but knowable number having constant and rationally useful value, to be determined, or intended, depending on the exactness needed to determine its useful value on demand, existing the practical measure of its useful identity–its utility–over time).

Like the Objectivist argues, intending the results (like Hegel explained) does not mean there is no ontology associated with it. Neurologists make the same observation when they say we make decisions before we actually know it (intuitive knowledge of “the existence” Kant described as the noumenon).

Risk analysts are actively engaged in phenomenological analyses. It is unavoidable. The results yield (intend) to the method, which also means the yield intends to the use of the method; and we certainly do see this when it comes to the methods of capitalism.

We keep seeing capitalism produce extreme detriment for massive numbers of people, but we don’t change it because the benefit is too valuable?

By what measure, exactly?

If we can’t change it because it is intended to be, effectively, Too Big To Fail (i.e., because it is too risky) then we need to, like Sanders says, intentionally deconsolidate the risk proportion!

(Articles on “the intending risk proportion” by griffithlighton can be found on the World Wide Web.)


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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