The Geometric Proof of Proper Authority

Conservation of the Risk

Conservatives are worried about conserving the risk value. This measurable value to be conserved is the angst (the probable motive–the predictive utility) of their existence.

Conservatives argue they are working with absolute truth. They naturally conform to objective reality, figuring to the geometric proof that has the absolute value of being “the truth.”

Conservatives say they cannot compromise their principles to gain a popular, electoral identity, which would explain, for example, the use of an electoral college for a general, presidential election when the purpose of the election is to empirically verify popular rule by the majority in priority.

Existing the authority of a popular majority is the natural utility (the geometric proof) of the democratic form, which yields to its empirical verification. Empirical confirmation is how we actually know the “objective reality” of its existence.

Conservatives say they are operating with the geometric proof of proper authority, but then they must do whatever is necessary to defeat its empirical confirmation in a general election. The objective, then, is to produce a valid vote (Bush v. Gore, for example) that serves to verify conservative values and principles.

Since validation is a deductive proof and not actually the induction of empirical verification, the legitimacy of the product (its elemental identity) is not verifiably true or false, but neutral, because it has not really been tested. Conservative values can then be added at will using economic processes that coerce (conform the electorate to its ele-mental identity) by means of consolidation and economic desperation.

The result may not be verifiably legitimate, but it does produce an effective correlation, nevertheless.

“Acting” to empirically confirm the conformity of the power elite (the reaction) in a general election verifies (effectively correlates) the propriety of existing by the numbers, which is the geometric figure (the passive resistance) of the utilitarian measure.

The actual proof of proper authority is really its empirical value, which geometrically measures the truth and plots the path of its utility (its passive existence) in every dimension described as “objective reality.”


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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