If it’s not broken…Fix It!

Barclays Bank is just one example of the daily activities of big banks in the forex markets, doing the devious deeds that despoil the natural identity of their “clients” in the name of global-competitive market efficiency. These are wholesale transactions that determine the direction of future prices which are optioned (to be bought OR sold) in the futures now.

Operating in the futures now is complicated–arcane–and it is governed by the rules and regs of the CFTMA, allowing for commercial and investment banking to combine forces and beat the average more than half the time.

The “allowance” was added because Glass-Steagall was too restrictive. President Clinton’s “working group”–composed of current and former Goldman Sachs employees at the time–argued for a more free market model so that US banks could compete in the global marketplace. (Competing to do what, exactly?)

Again, keep in mind, there is a natural condition mathematically described as the law of averages. No, it’s not a delusional abstraction of a natural philosophy dreamed up by hippie utopians, like Thomas Jefferson, who advocate the virtue of equality. It’s the law!

Big banks organize to beat the law, operating in a TBTF proportion. They effectively break the law, which isn’t broken until they break it. Then it is necessary to fix it (what really isn’t broken), which then demands big government, which is then blamed for causing the problem.

(This creates the risk-tautology I have been telling you about that predicts the probable futures now, always transferring the real price to be paid to the “due date”–at which time the price is to paid, having already been determined in the futures, on demand. The probability of the risk is projected, being attributed to the future using risk-transfer vehicles, or derivatives, to actualize futures prices with the appearance of being derived from an ontological, on demand existence–i.e., existing by the law of large numbers.)

When big, TBTF banks deliberately break the law, violating the natural symmetry of expected, technical equivalence, there is a price to be paid (the rent!) on demand. Ivy-League technicians say they are reducing the probable risk, but the risk of loss is actually 100%–fully assumed–in all the futures now. This is something that we all intuitively know (the “noumenon” of a natural existence, as Kant described it), but we have the arcanum of expertise to obfuscate the objective reality of its natural existence.

Capitalists are always working real hard to hide the objective reality, and so it can appear suddenly (emerging in the futures now, seeded in the days of the futures’ past), demanding the real price to be paid. The sudden appearance of the accumulated risk is what actually causes big government.

If you don’t want big government, like Bernie Sanders says, it is necessary to deconsolidate the risk proportion and actually supply the demand that pays the rent with real income–not debt!

Deconsolidation changes the way the risk flows (reversing the rents), and capitalists work really hard to prevent that by consolidating industry and markets–working the model that proves to emerge the property they describe as our “natural identity” (which by definition isn’t broken, and thus can’t be fixed).


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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