Real Wages, Salaries, and Actual Income

As gas prices are falling, so is the real, average income, making it so the average consumer can’t demand it. This is completely different from disinflation in which people have the income but refuse to buy because they think the price is too high.

Disinflation is to actually DEMAND the price, which is to really exercise power at the root (having the natural effect of surplussing value), having the real income that actualizes risk. Mainstream economists say disinflation (acting to reduce the marginal profit) is an inefficiency of the markets. If we want to ensure ample supply on demand, it must be fixed!

So “the makers” always work real hard to make sure the fix is in. The best way to do that is consolidate industry and markets (according to efficient-markets theory) and deflate demand (attaining the measure of success, which is to get bigger and bigger, to the point of being a nuisance). The appreciable value (despite the nuisance, which demands the big government Objectivists like Rand Paul and Paul Ryan say causes all our problems) ensures that we don’t run out of goods and services against runaway demand. Again, fixing it is commonly referred to as supply-side economics.


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musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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