Yielding to the Public Menace

Yielding to the probability of “the risk” isn’t always obvious, but we feel the angst, nonetheless.

Essentially that is what Hobbes said. We “sense” the difference between right and wrong–what Thomas Paine called “Common Sense.” The more power the king accumulates the more likely resistance accumulates to actually measure the source of his authority, which is the full, quantum measure of “the risk”–the angst–to be accounted for.

The Gangster Mentality

ISIL, for example, is a big ugly monster.

Slaying the monster gives purpose to the common cause. The cause then appears to be a “given” identity with the attributes of a naturally existing (given) “objective reality.”

The public menace demands a reaction that measures the quantum object of self-determination, derived from a growing sense of high anxiety that yields quite naturally (like Rousseau said) to the social, contractual obligation of the power elite “on demand.”

Affording protection is a primary function of the gangster mentality. Remember that a psychopath demonstrates concern for your well being, but only to take advantage of you. (Like Randians always say, even bleeding-heart liberals have a self-seeking agenda, simply reacting to protect themselves from the probable risk; and like Hobbes argued, as well as Thomas Paine, this given, “natural identity” exists on demand in priority.)

Like President Obama was saying from the outset, ISIL is a bunch of gangsters looking to gain the legitimacy of sovereign power.

There is nothing new about that.

Nineteenth-Century robber barons did the same thing. After consolidating vast amounts of wealth to exercise overwhelming economic power, from which we all need protection, they set to world domination by controlling the public domain (the likely self-determined means of protection) we now call the sovereign power of the state.

After WWI, this small cadre of capitalists created the Mid-East monarchies that now plague us, creating the big ugly monster that currently occupies the space of a passive resistance we all know can otherwise exist, on demand, WITHOUT THE SOCIAL CONTRACT to satisfy the need for protection!


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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