Taking Vienna Out of the Sausage

It turns out that science is kind of like making sausage. The final result is determined by the interpretation added at the margin. What then transacts is measuring conformity with the expected outcome. Predictive utility, however, does not necessarily yield objective reality. What is actually going on might be very different from what the observer really thinks is happening. Observation may even affect what actually happens, which gives the phenomenon an added interpretation transacting at the margin, adding meaning to the existence, having a metaphysical effect.

Transactional Interpretation (TI) is the latest thing in the philosophy of science. The Vienna School rejected philosophy being the realm of science, and scientists have generally agreed, but because of the Available Ambiguity and Arguable Ambivalence, science is really more metaphysical than the Positivist actually admits. What we think the universe really is actually yields to the method being used, on demand.

This is important because, you see, it’s a free market, after all!

Despite every attempt to prove it wrong, we come to realize that nature is really a work of art. Properties naturally emerge to demonstrate purpose.

Occupying space over time, we come to know, experience, the value of imitating the work of art, nature, with a rising rate of predictive utility, existing by the numbers, yielding to an “effective model” that raises the quality life, on demand, with purpose, beyond “seeking the rents” to measure the object of a natural identity that exists beyond what is arbitrarily good and evil, being naturally prone to transactional interpretation.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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