The Trouble with the Bubble

Dirty Deeds and Dismal Science

In Lewis’ “The Big Short,” notice the protagonists contend that the bubble is not being noticed, and so they capitalized on it.

The protagonists are non-conformists. It’s really not that the bubble wasn’t noticed.

How do you not notice something you deliberately create? The hypothesis (the ambiguation that leads to the complication of the plot, which is what makes it a good story) is perfect nonsense!

(See “Simulation of a Hoax” by griffithlighton published on the World Wide Web.)

The way the story of “the risk” is authored by capitalists for common consumption (a simulation of objective reality to believe in), the reader is to believe the fiction of the risk proportion is a natural condition existing in priority. Quite the contrary. In its natural condition, the “marketplace” is deconsolidated, which means the protagonists are fully and immediately accountable on demand. It is a strict liability capitalists fully “intend” to avoid by means of consolidation.

The dirty deeds are explained away as being a natural tendency (like a measurable, verifiable, scientific law), or what Objectivists call “natural identity.” Of course, they say, the market is mechanically rigged to bubble into trouble. If it doesn’t, then what do “We” really need “them” for, except to naturally exploit the natural tendency (the intendency) to be greedy!

Greed, mechanically transformed into the right thing to do–well, that’s just downright unnatural, isn’t it?

What resolves the complication (conforming to the work of art that imitates life) is to realize what actually authorizes the risk in priority–the on-demand attribution of The People because, in the end, despite whatever means possible, it’s a free market, existing on demand, after all!

The science is not as dismal as it appears to be as long as we realize objective reality (the being and nothingness) is actually open-ended at the margin, existing space over time to resist absolutely nothing. That’s what it means to say: We exist to resist!

The work of art imitates life, always yielding to the latest interpretation that approximates the reality defined to be the objective.


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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