Debating the Probability

Tonight’s Democratic Party debate was about the probability.

What, for example, is the probability HRC’s friendly relationship with Wall Street does not end up with innovative, Wall Street “products” that, in the end, cause a Great Recession, like with her husband, Bill Clinton.

If it is you against innovative EDD’s (Empathy Deficit Devices) that mechanically derive detriment in the name of enhanced, market efficiency, the relationship is unfriendly (void of empathy) by design. Instead, the “natural identity” of the relationship is inherently adversarial.

The reason the richest person in the world endorses Mrs. Clinton is because he knows she will make you feel good about the most efficient means to bang the daylights out of you!

Mrs. Clinton says an adversarial relationship is counterproductive. She won’t be attacking TBTF financials but, instead, soliciting their designs for making the market more efficient, just like President Bill Clinton did.

What is the probability Hillary Clinton will not repeat the measurable success of Bill Clinton’s “working group”–having a non-adversarial relationship with Wall Street that resulted in the massive income inequality and consolidation of assets of the Great Recession?

Will it be real reform or just another round of rinse and repeat?


About griffithlighton

musician-composer, artist, writer, philosopher and political economist (M.A.)
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